Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Treatment: Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Scott approaches each of our patients’ dental issues with the intent of performing the least-invasive treatment to help your smile. A tooth that has become severely infected can require extraction in many cases, permanently altering your oral structure and creating a need for replacement. Our Oklahoma City practice administers essential infection control and quality root canal therapy as a reliable alternative to tooth removal.

By addressing the underlying infection first, our root canal therapy effectively allows for the natural tooth to remain in place while removing the affected tissues within. This fundamental procedure prevents the spread of infection and more complications in your oral structure.

Controlled, Painless Treatment

As root canal therapy has a reputation for being uncomfortable, the procedure is often avoided or met with some initial opposition when recommended by Dr. Scott. Patients in a constant state of discomfort because of impaired, the sensitive inner pulp can experience immediate alleviation through this beneficial treatment. Avoiding dental work might lead to further problems, leaving no option other than extraction to preserve your oral health.

During a root canal, a patient’s pulp is removed through a tiny opening in the crown. Then,  after cleaning and disinfecting the area, Dr. Carel fits a custom porcelain crown. . By the end of the process, most activities which were previously uncomfortable can be performed with ease.

Lasting Restorative Care

If the infection is not eliminated before initiating a root canal procedure, the issue can always resurface and render any pulp removal ineffective. Dr. Scott carefully plans this treatment and takes bone support or a fracture into account to ensure it is the best available option. Our office will not perform any restorative service if it does not benefit our patient in the long run.

At Creating Smiles by Dr. Scott Carel, we offer dental treatments that not only deliver immediate relief but also promote a healthier smile later in life. A person that has undergone endodontic therapy at our office can expect to remain in good oral health.

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Dr. Scott Carel can identify many issues through a standard examination, including tooth infections that are treatable with root canal therapy. Call now to schedule your visit, as infections often show no symptoms until the problem has progressed to harmful levels.  

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