Oklahoma City Dental Restorations

Accidental chips, severe fractures, and missing teeth can lead to further complications like infection or misalignment if left unaddressed. Dr. Scott M. Carel and his team at Creating Smiles by Dr. Scott Carel utilize restorations to treat and rebuild sections of our smile. Our practice in Oklahoma City is straightforward and our experience allows us to apply a multitude of different oral prosthetics right here in-office.

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Prosthetics, especially those made from porcelain or natural-colored materials, allow patients to smile confidently. They are personalized to match the shade of teeth nearby and blend in seamlessly. Also, more intricate restorations such as dental implant placement can be performed by our referred specialists who share Dr. Scott’s commitment to providing quality dentistry.

Some common restorations provided at Creating Smiles by Dr. Scott Carel are:

Crowns are created from a large selection of biocompatible materials and placed at our office. They are generally used to fix teeth severely affected by infection or a considerable break.

Bridges are a multiple-teeth replacement appliance set by joining the row of imitation teeth, or pontic, to adjacent teeth.

Full or partial dentures help partially or completely edentulous patients enjoy a full, functional smile. Their ability to be removed and cleaned allow for a minimally-invasive and effective teeth replacement.

Dental implants are set by a prosthodontist and are capped with a crown or other customized abutment supported by the titanium post to complete a patient’s smile.

Built to Last

Because of his continuing education and over thirty years of experience, Dr. Scott performs treatments with meticulous attention to detail.  Our approach is simple: “put patient service first and perform the procedure correctly the first time to enjoy your restored smile longer.” Our restorations are custom-designed for patients to maintain a comfortable, yet durable set of teeth.

Color Matching Restorations

Dr. Scott considers the shade of adjacent teeth when selecting the appropriate restoration for a patient. Our goal is to repair teeth while leaving no visible trace of dental work. Our restorations are a testimony to our commitment towards not only achieving successful restorations but attractive restorations as well. 

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To find out what restorations might benefit your oral structure, call to set an appointment with Dr. Scott. A dental implant or denture can improve a patient’s quality of life and their overall health considerably.

Do not delay on repairing damaged teeth and risk more issues, reclaim your smile!