Pediatric Dentistry

Kid-Friendly, Family Dentistry in Oklahoma City

At Creating Smiles by Dr. Scott Carel, we emphasize the health and comfort of our young patients. We implement tried-and-true methods to ensure children are relaxed enough to receive the treatment they need. Our Oklahoma dental office is a comfortable environment that puts children at ease.

Dr. Scott has the patience and experience necessary to be your child’s dentist. His years of experience coupled with his comforting personality make him an excellent choice for children’s dentistry in Oklahoma City.

We offer the following services pertaining to children:

We can perform other non-child-specific services as necessary. Our treatment plans are tailored to the needs of our individual patients.

Happy Visits For Young Children

Dr. Scott recognizes it may take some time for new patients, especially children, to adjust to the environment of their dentist’s office. We offer “happy visits,” a series of non-invasive appointments that are focused on promoting your child’s comfort and confidence in an unfamiliar environment. During this time, we desensitize the child to dental tools such as syringes and suction devices. Happy visits are intended to ensure the success of future procedures by acclimating the child to the potentially frightening stimuli.

It’s imperative that children make positive associations with dental visits, so they will take care of their oral health in the future. We avoid creating phobic patients by never forcing a child to undergo any procedure they aren’t prepared for.

Our child patients can look forward to picking a prize from the treasure chest after each visit. This establishes a positive association with dentistry and gives young patients something to look forward to.

Preventive Treatments

Dr. Scott offers preventive treatments to avoid invasive procedures in the long run. The most effective method of preventing decay is through regular, thorough cleanings. We provide deep cleanings to supplement daily maintenance. Our dental cleanings remove plaque buildup that causes bad breath, gingivitis, and decay.

Sealants protect a child’s teeth from painful cavities. Our composite sealants blend in with the natural color of the teeth and last for several years.

Quick Exams with Digital X-Rays

Traditional x-rays for children can be time-consuming; when treating children, time is of the essence. Some children can easily become anxious if put under stress for an extended period of time.  

Creating Smiles by Scott Carel uses digital imaging techniques to take quick x-rays of our patients. Our completely non-invasive, quick, and comfortable x-ray technique will simplify your child’s check-up.

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Families in Oklahoma City choose Dr. Scott for their children’s dentist because of his excellent reputation. He and his staff are experienced in treating children.

At our office, we’re committed to maintaining a comfortable environment. Feel free to call us today and schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!